Your life is not pegged on a clothe line.

Last Sunday, I was having a chat with one of my high school best friends, Seshi (she is Luhya btw and yes, she loves chicken),is often bubbly, has always been crazy and the type to make your day, doting rather, and has had the same measure craze to wanting to pursue medicine for the four years I have known her.

Anyway fast forward to our conversation,

Having not spoken to her for a long time I wanted us to catch up. Seshi soon told me that she had been admitted to take a bachelor’s degree in environmental health. This is the point you faze down and wonder what to type next in your conversation, (mostly because I have never heard of the course) so I went offline for a couple of minutes just to think of the right question to ask her, should I ask what really environmental science is, should I ask her how it feels. I was totally lost but I prompted a slow reply,” Will you take it?”

Seshi’s reply came in quick, bold and convincing, “Yes, and I am grateful to God.”

The Clothe line.

Last week, KUCCPS released the admission results for KCSE Class of 2015.It came with its own share of joys for those who had been admitted to take “good courses” to “good universities” and a share of painful moments for the “rest”. These souls I hopefully wish I can talk to.

Your life, sweetheart is not pegged on what you think is a hopeless course. I know it is not medicine, it is not law, engineering or computer science. Yes, I know you dreamt of taking astronomy and I know your vision board had it that you would be touching the stars at 25.I know you have been called to that university that you are trying to find on google maps and it isn’t visible. I am aware that your parents are still ranting to you that your auntie’s brother’s daughter’s cousin, * Nderitu of akina Gachau wa mbari ya tata, has been admitted at University of Nairobi to take Medicine, while you are going to do optical nutrition.

I know your best friends in high school in have already been admitted to private universities and are having the time of their lives, (what am I saying here) I know some have been already flown out and you are sleeping there in your small double-decker bed which you share with your sister and the housemaid wondering what next. I know you dreamt and imagine that you would be taking selfies in a few months in the beautiful lawns of the universities that you saw on catalogs in high school. I am sure you had already planned that your Fridays would be spent at Debonairs and in the evening at Imax. Hun, I also know you are angry at God for not giving you that good grade to walk around with your chin up high with (But it’s okay, I am sure God can take it).

Your life.

But here is also what I know, you are special. Four years ago, you blew everyone’s mind by making it to high school, and four years down the line, you will be the best you can be. You will go to that campus holed down in the remote parts of this country and you will work. You won’t work because you are angry but because you know you can do this. I know your parents have no money, I know they feel disappointed but you are still their ray of hope. I know you feel discouraged and so here is my verse to you,

2nd Chronicles 20:12

“We neither know what to do but our eyes are open to you.” I know there is no justifiable reason to what is happening to you and neither do you think it is laced with any inherent specs of good. And I do agree, I really do agree, but I also do know that God’s will for you is for you to walk through these next four years with Him. He wants you to trust him, even when it is hard to trust.

My dear, it is okay to be at pain, but do take it, because pain is a gift, so allow yourself to take this gift of finding out more about yourself; to finding your hidden talents and abilities. Darling, take that microbiology and do surprise us by finding cures to the weariest diseases. Take that hospitality management and build us the best hotels and provide the coziest facilities. Take that tourism management and I promise to employ you as cabinet secretary of tourism one day when am president. Take that mediation and dialogue course and be that source of peace that Africa badly needs.

Be brave and take that first step. Trust yourself and know this, “Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is the result of living the result of other peoples thinking. Don’t let the noise of other opinions drown your own inner voice. And most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly know what you want to become. Everything else is secondary.”-Steve Jobs.

P.S. I am extremely proud of you Seshi and those who have already taken the bold step to rejoice on their courses.

For those who will be joining campus on parallel, I am proud of you and your parents for taking the bold step to focus and live your passions and destiny. Thank the Lord for this opportunity.

*Nderitu of akina Gacau wa mbari ya tata- Nderitu who belongs to the family of Gacau who is of the clan of our aunt’s place.