Stuff that counts- The story about why you should read this.

Photo by AbsolutVision / Unsplash

Hi. My name is Susan.

And yes…I am pathetic at drawing…whatever… that’s not the stuff that counts. Well, it actually does, but we shall get better at it with time

I am not an expert at anything. In fact, I am just a 20-year-old something attempting to be one. More clearly I am a political science student and an accounting student who is trying to figure out life. My days are spent reading books, looking for new books, being on page 7 of a google search, re-reading Wait But Why blog or going down a Youtube spiral that most likely looks sth like this…then this…then this…then this

In my quest for learning, I have ended up more confused and at the same time more enlightened. Most of the articles that you will find here likely stem from things that have bugged me for long or stuff I have no understanding about. However, more often than not, all these articles are about stuff that I think counts. Things that I think are important to humanity but are nonetheless never discussed. I think these stories matter because in my opinion, to have the ability to tell our own stories and not to have others tell it for us is powerful. I think it is important to have the ability to chart our own path without anyone else doing it for us or telling us how to do it. To find solutions to our own problems, solutions that fit our culture. Solutions that are homegrown and work for us.

I don’t think that any of my articles by any means are conclusive…and it’s the first request to any reader who wants to read my work. To understand that my work is not by any means perfect, that it is lacking, that it could be better…but it is an attempt to get there. The second is to try and remove the lenses that you put on. Our biases affect us more than we think. Our biases divide us more than they bring us together. Therefore, as you start reading these articles, it may be wise to clear your head of any biases that you have and view things on a spectrum. This is not to say that you become less opinionated…in fact, it is to say that you judge the merit of what I write here and form other opinions, or build the ones you have…or disagree altogether.
No pressure!

If these stories do not interest you nonetheless, you are still welcome here. Perhaps this could excite you…or this…or this…really there are plenty of options here.
But to those of us who believe that these are stories that count; here is our mantra:-

Around here…we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving foward, opening up new doors and doing new things.- Walt Disney