All that is limitless.

Some moments are divine,

Too priceless to intertwine,

Too limitless to confine

to space and the skyline,

If they are to be enshrined,

then they are too fine

to refine.


And like the dawn,

with the sun touching the lawn,

on the glen is dew,

with snowballs new,

And the butterflies right on cue,

with just one wish due,

all that is too good to be true,

would come again from the blue.


In the bleak and solitude hour,

Pours the rain like

a river down the gutter roars,

With its sound enough to savour,

And the scent enough to flavour,

And between those raindrops,

pierces light into colours.


And with the sunset,

Colours mix and melt,

And look as soft as felt,

Shadows grow and in they let

them float away into a black belt,

to bring stars that just twinkle and shine,

like a new found jewel…