About Ngoiri

👋🏽 Hi there,

I am Susan Ngoiri.

These days I am a Grants Writer and spend most of my days in my bedroom working on and writing long proposals and reports at my day job. I quite like it!

I also write stories and long-form essays on this blog about life, books, politics, and everything in between. On the weekends, when I can, I publish a cheesy weekly newsletter for my subscribers.

I also cook a lot, swim a lot, and read a lot.

I studied Political Science for my undergrad and surprisingly, I am also a Professional Accountant.

It's a whole casserole 🍲 but it's a good life.


  1. Kalahari Review - (Half-Life), An Igby Prize essay on an experience through a daily commute by train — by Kenyan Ngoiri Migwi